Retro 70s Outfits Fit for Your Next Summer Festival

Retro 70s Outfits Fit for Your Next Summer Festival

If you're planning for this summer's music festivals and outdoor concerts, consider adding a few retro-inspired 70s outfits to your repertoire. From breezy looks to wide-leg bellbottoms and tasteful tie-dye details, these pieces are perfectly suited for your relaxed festival vibes. It's time to ride the wave of the fashionable future by embracing the styles of the past. Here are our top picks from this season's retro-inspired mood board.

Wide-Flare Bell Bottoms

Bellbottoms are making a serious comeback, and they're not messing around. Extra-wide flared pants in lightweight cotton add an ethereal look to your retro outfits, creating a flowy feel with lots of movement. These 70s flare pastel pants are coming soon to our storefront. They're made with 95% bamboo cotton and 5% spandex for soft, breathable comfort that keeps you cool in any heat. Also, how great is this dusty rose color?

Retro Graphic Tees

Aside from its downright poetic design, the wallflower v-neck graphic tee is also a perfect solution for those in-between breezy days that don't quite feel like the dog days of summer. A deep V-neck adds a modern twist to this piece while its psychedelic graphic design captures the heart of retro design.


Fringe has real staying power in the turbulent world of fashion, and this sand desert fringe dress (coming soon) is proof in the pudding. With roots in the retro-throwback world of ponchos and fringe jackets, this one-piece fringed dress is the ultimate modern expression of bohemian garb. It's t-shirt style top and asymmetrical hem strike an artful balance between relaxed and sensual. Layer yours with leggings or wear it as a stand-alone piece to beat the heat. Add booties and enjoy!

Flared Jumpsuits

Watch out, world! This knee-deep nude halter jumper captures the essence of the "live free" attitude and offers the perfect fit to flatter your natural curves. White tie-dye bands along the pant legs provide a focal point and lengthen your figure while a high-rise halter neckline flatters the back and shoulders.

Embark on your journey through the new-age summer of love with these tasteful retro outfits designed for the modern style maven. From hot, sunny festival days to breezy summer evenings, these pieces offer a range of possibilities fit for your adventurous lifestyle.

If you like what you see, check out our full collection of dresses, graphic tees, and tops to build your summer wardrobe. You can also follow us on Instagram @peopleofleisure to peep some fresh outfit ideas and stay up-to-date on new arrivals.

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