People Spotlight: Q+A with Spirited Creative Designer Victoria Cassinova

People Spotlight: Q+A with Spirited Creative Designer Victoria Cassinova

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on someone who embodies our brand and has had a major part in creating it. Victoria Cassinova is a spirited artist and designer at People of Leisure who also spends her time creating art. Her individuality and sense of style capture the essence of the authentic bohemian spirit that inspires every piece we make. For this reason, and many others, Victoria is a leader in the creative world, expressing her passions through a multitude of media that span the realms of fashion, film, and photography.

Q: What's your relationship to People of Leisure?

A: I designed the first collection updated for People of Leisure back in 2014. I use to work at All Saints as a stylist. Bobby came into the store one day and found my art and wanted me to design for his company. I started working for him shortly thereafter.

Q: What do you do for work? What do you do for play?

A: I am an artist. I create art for entertainment (music, film, etc.) but primarily I am focused on my work as a contemporary fine artist. Art is my form of play, but outside of that, I love just hanging out with friends and going to events/DJ sets. 

Q: What are you passionate about?

A: I am passionate about create leading edge art for the art world and world in general. I’m passionate about creating a movement within art.

Q: How would you define your personal style? 

A: My personal style is weird and extremely unpredictable. Sometimes I make my own things or put thrift store finds together with other items. I don’t know how to explain it; I wear whatever I want.

Q: What’s your favorite thrift store find?

A: My favorite thrift store piece is this denim jacket that has a patch on the back with cobra snake saying “you wish”. The owner of the store told me someone dropped it off for consignment and that it was from the 80s. I fell in love the second I saw it and knew I had to get it. 

Q: What are some of your favorite trends or pieces? 

A: I don’t do trends. I never like wearing what everyone else is wearing. It’s boring. My favorite pieces have to be sheer pieces: layerables, like the pair of pants I made giant holes in and painted on. My favorites change over time depending on my vibe. 

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