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Ethically and Sustainably made in LA

People of Leisure #Values

#ZeroSweat policy

Organic 100% handmade clothing. Leaders of the comfort movement.

We’re reducing our environmental impact by working with organic and recycled materials. We exclusively work with organic and recycled certified materials in our factories, we are living wage certified across the business, and we also have a #ZeroSweat policy.

Organic and Recycled Fabrics

B U Y L E S S // B U Y B E T T E R
S L O W L Y // G E N T L Y // S O F T L Y // F A I R // K I N D
O R G A N I C // R E C Y C L E D // H E M P // M U D D Y E S // L I N E N // P L A N T D Y E S

Global Heroes · India Need Us 🖤

COVID Crushing Their Economy

POL is partnering with family-owned factories in India and around the world. These factories have been most affected by the shutdowns.

Together We Can Help

As a fashion brand, with a small family-run factory, we're extending our hand. We want to support our fellow factory workers and their craft.

By Shoping Artisan-Made

Through our artisan-made section, we will feature fashion from all over the world. Starting with our friends in India.

1 Product 1 Tree

We plant 1 tree for each online sale to offset CO2 emissions from shipments.


"People of Leisure isn’t just an online fashion brand. They are deeper than that priding themselves as a philosophy. A belief that to live leisurely — to live with complete freedom — one must be conscious of their actions."

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