Teddy Headwear's Style Guide

Teddy Headwear's Style Guide

If you haven’t already been in the loop — Teddy Headwear has released their first innovative new line of headwear in collaboration with People of Leisure. Read here to learn more about the story of People of Leisure X Teddy Headwear launch.

Teddy Headwear collection is a versatile modern take on the historically rich western cowboy and fedora style hats featuring embroidered artwork representing your city. Teddy Headwear strives to be inclusive to everyone, whether you love the hip-hop culture of Los Angeles, country music of Texas, or ready to dress up and vibe to Beyonce's latest album, "Cowboy Carter", Teddy hats have got you covered, fitting your style and lifestyle.

Combine Your Teddy Hat with Casual Street Wear

Male wearing a blue plaid dress shirt with brown fedora hat

Product Showcase: Los Angeles Fedora 

Match your teddy hat with a casual dress shirt and cargo pants for a day out at the beach or an outdoor concert in a distinguished relaxed outfit.

Denim + Teddy Hat = 10/10

Woman wearing demin jacket with cowboy hat

Product Showcase:  Teddy Fedora

When in doubt, grab your denim jacket and throw on a teddy hat for a night out at a country bar. No doubt, this look will have heads turning as if Lainey Wilson just walked in for a drink!

Dress Cozy and Warm with a Teddy Hat

Male wearing brown sweatshirt with brown cowboy hat

Product Showcase: Teddy Cowboy Hat + Peanuts Cowboy Charlie Men's Sweatshirt

Teddy hats aren’t just for sunny days. They are perfect for pairing with sweatshirts and can assist in keeping your head dry during rain or warm during the cooler seasons. Look stylish while staying warm!

Woman wearing white cowboy hat

Teddy Headwear not only sets a new standard in headwear fashion but also celebrates individuality and the diverse aesthetic choices of urban and rural lifestyles. The collaboration between Teddy Headwear and People of Leisure is a vision of creative synergy, inclusiveness, and expressive style. View the full collection here!