Zero Sweat Policy

Our Zero Sweat Policy creates an environment that honors our garment workers through livable wages, as well as responsible production and practices. In short, we treat our employees like family. 

It’s how I was raised and how I’ll raise my own children. When we’re all working towards a common goal, the difference between boss and worker is just the title.

On a practical level, competitive wages, benefits, breaks, and being flexible with people’s unique schedules. Such as raising families or other responsibilities. 

We encourage everyone during work hours to put on their favorite music, share their favorite food, and socialize with each other. We rarely hire new people because when I hire someone they usually stay with the company for many years. I believe it’s because they feel respected and cared for. I believe the more I give to my people the more I get in return.

Although the fashion industry seems to change year-by-year, our core values haven’t changed since day one. The supply chain is a complicated web that the entire world contributes to—whether it be the manufacturer or the consumer. 

My goal since I studied political science at UCLA and left law behind to pursue the fashion industry, was to contribute to this global industry in a positive way. If I’m in charge, I’m going to try to lead the way in the right direction. I strive to control as much of the manufacturing process as I can and how we treat our people is at the top of the list.

While some fashion brands might focus on volume and popularity, we believe true success comes from compassion for others. We all know the massive brands being exposed right now because of the poor treatment of human beings. At our warehouse, you can walk in at any time and see people enjoying working, making phone calls, chatting or listening to music. It’s really not that hard to be kind.

I’m inspired by very small, local brands. When I see creators hand sewing labels, shipping items from their garage and promoting themselves online—I get excited for the world to get excited by smaller, wellmade brands by ambitious entrepreneurs. I take note of what young people consume and how aware they are of global issues.

Don’t get discouraged as a consumer. You have more power than you think you do. Brands work for your loyalty and there’s power in your attention and where you spend your money. Yes it’s hard to shop with a minimal footprint, but there is always hope.

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