POL - Upcycle Collection!

Upcycle Collection!

The fashion industry is responsible for vast amounts of waste. Specifically over manufactured clothing that ends up in landfills. “The US alone generates an average of 25 billion pounds of textiles per year, resulting in about 82 pounds of waste per US resident.” According to an article on re/make. It’s both up to the fashion brands and consumers to help in reducing fashion waste.

In considering the ways fashion waste can be reduced, brands are turning to circular fashion and the process of upcycling. To ‘upcycle’ means to rework an already made fashion piece to give it new life. This process removes the need to use new, raw materials, and instead, preserves already made pieces. Keeping clothing circulating rather than becoming waste.

The denim brand RE/DONE for instance, only sells upcycled denim. Built on the foundation of denim waste reduction. Another example of upcycling is Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal collection. Both brand’s looked to upcycling as a way to breathe new life into already made pieces. Along with a sustainable approach to manufacturing. When a brand chooses to upcycle, they’re also working alongside other fashion brands to reduce waste. For instance, if a brand has overstock in a particular style, they may outsource to other fashion brands to help re-make their clothing.

People of Leisure is excited to partner with Gildan to create our first line of upcycled t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. With the goal being to save them from the landfill and give them a new purpose. Through intentional one-of-a-kind design, each style was given the POL treatment. Same shirt—no new materials, sustainably-made, and ready for its next fashion journey.

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