Our Responsibility

We're change-makers in the world of fashion and design, filled with dreamy imagination and wild ambition. We care about people, place and practicality, which is why we create our clothes with care and consciously.

We want to be more than a way of dressing - we are a creative collective and a diverse community of change-makers, committed to environmental responsibility and progressive social activism and above all we work every day to set the tone for the next generation to follow.

We recognize the global and environmental impact the fashion industry has on the planet. It's the second most polluting industry of the world. We're dedicated to lowering our carbon footprint in everything we do. By repurposing discarded fabric, we are creating clothing in small batches. Along with eliminating the need for land, water, energy and soil use.

We're focused on becoming the most responsible version of ourselves. Committed to making better choices every day across the business to minimize our social and environmental impact.

Up to day we have worked on 4 UN Sustainable Development Goals: Clean water and Sanitation, Reduced Inequalities, Responsible Consumption & Production, Life on Land.
We've successfully introduced the following initiatives: organic & dead-stock fabrics into our collections, low impact dyes.

It is a journey, and we want to be honest about where we are in this.

Un sustainable development Goals


Clean water and Sanitation

We acknowledge that our products are dependent on processes, materials and fibres that might put our water resources at risk - It is our responsibility to make sure this is not the case. We must conserve clean water by optimising its use and avoid water-intensive materials and fibres.

By ensuring strict chemical management, we can do our utmost to prevent contamination. All while ensuring clean drinking water and proper sanitation throughout our supply chain where this is not necessarily commonplace.


Reduced Inequalities

We create bold designs for powerful people, all while doing our best to empower the people involved in the process. We must make sure that all partners throughout our supply chain uphold human rights, social fairness and gender equality - free from cultural bias.

We must make sure we can vouch for the treatment, working conditions and salaries for all of our partners across the globe.


Responsible Consumption & Production

We are part of an industry where the traditional way of doing business has been at a great cost of the planet and the people involved in the process. We must make sure that this way of doing business is no longer an option.

We need to reconsider, choose better options and optimise every process to ensure a viable future. All while encouraging our consumers to contribute to a more responsible fashion system and challenge the classic consumption patterns of a careless culture.


15 Life on Land

We are dependent on natural resources for our products, and we must make sure that our chosen materials do not jeopardise forests, biodiversity or otherwise cause harm to animals or nature.

By supporting the sustainable management of forests, making sure that we use chemicals with great care, and optimising our water usage throughout our supply chain, we can work our way to a balanced life on land.