About People Of Leisure

People of Leisure is revolting against fast fashion

At People Of Leisure, we’re committed to creating sustainable clothing that’s both accessible and fair.

Since the beginning, we’ve been making clothing in small batches.

In 2015, we made our first People Of Leisure pieces from deadstock fabrics. That was our first step in being more eco-conscious.

100% Made in Los Angeles, California.

100% upcycled, recycled, deadstock fabrics, and organic yarns. Mindfully made in Los Angeles since 2015.

“Our goal is to inspire. We believe in thinking big and harnessing the power of change through our most basic, every day actions-like slipping on the day's outfit. We know our planet is under pressure - a lot of this is caused by our industry.

It's too big, too fast, too cheap. We're slowing down the process of consumption by promising to never mass-produce our pieces. It's more special that way.”

- People Of Leisure

People of Leisure is a state of mind, more than a way of dressing. It's about making women feel like they are capable of anything.

Each piece we produce is made for the busy modern woman who believes in curating the items that hang in her closet.

Inspired by a global wanderlust and simple nomadic styles, our aesthetic is minimalist and practical with a flair for unique fabrics.

From casual loungewear to polished party-ready looks, we aim to offer a full-range of style staples for the modern fashion superwoman.