Sesame Street collection

Sesame Street

Cookie Monster, Elmo, Big Bird and the whole Sesame Street gang are in Leisure town!
Our latest sweatshirt collaboration with Sesame Street is here to celebrate its iconic characters while we reconnect with our inner child, share positive vibes, and appreciate the world around us. Let’s have some fun!



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Sesame Street Peace and Love TeeSesame Street Peace and Love Tee
Sesame Street Peace Tee Sesame Street Peace Tee
Sesame Street Peace Tee
Sale price$78
Sesame Street Best Friends TeeSesame Street Best Friends Tee
Sesame Street Baby TeeSesame Street Baby Tee
Sesame Street Baby Tee
Sale price$72
Big Bird SweatshirtBig Bird Sweatshirt
Big Bird Sweatshirt
Sale price$98
Peace Love and Sesame SweatshirtPeace Love and Sesame Sweatshirt
Sesame Street Peace SweatshirtSesame Street Peace Sweatshirt
Best Friends Sesame SweatshirtBest Friends Sesame Sweatshirt
Anti-Social Oscar The Grouch SweatshirtAnti-Social Oscar The Grouch Sweatshirt
World Heart Sesame Sweatshirt World Heart Sesame Sweatshirt
Squad Goals Sesame SweatshirtSquad Goals Sesame Sweatshirt
Positive Vibes Sesame SweatshirtPositive Vibes Sesame Sweatshirt
Be Kind Cookie Monster SweatshirtBe Kind Cookie Monster Sweatshirt

Sesame Street Collection

Celebrate the street we all grew up on together with our Sesame Street collection!

This sweatshirt collaboration with Sesame Street not only celebrates its iconic characters but pays homage to our younger years. Featuring the entire gang - Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Bert & Ernie, this collection will put a smile on everyone's face.

Sesame Street Hoodie & Sweatshirts

Our Sesame street hoodie pieces are colorful, cheerful, and bright! Not only are they made with 100% upcycled cotton, but they're perfect for lounging in throughout the day or dressing down at night. Here are some of our favorites:

Big Bird Sweatshirt: Endlessly cute and childlike with its neon and retro print, this sweatshirt will have you feeling like a kid again.

Anti-Social Oscar The Grouch Sweatshirt: For the one that loves to spend time alone, check out this sweater that features the ever-iconic Mr. Oscar the Grouch.

Positive Vibes Sesame Sweatshirt: Spread positive vibes just as Sesame Street has always intended. We love this piece for its deep blue color and retro look.

World Heart Sesame Sweatshirt: The whole gang has arrived and is looking to spread the love. Check out this retro heart sweatshirt featuring Cookie Monster, Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar, Bert & Ernie.

Sesame Street Tees & Shirts

For warmer days, check out our collection of Sesame Street tees. These shirts are made with 50% modal and 50% organic cotton, making them fully sustainable (modal is biodegradable - win!) and absolutely adorable.

Our best sellers include our Sesame Street Peace Tee that packs a vintage feel and our Sesame Street Peace and Love Tee designed and washed to give it a true vintage look.

With our Sesame Street collection, you'll always be spreading a little more joy into this world. Discover the rest of our Sesame Street pieces we have for sale above.