Trends Come and Go Like Seasons; Seasonless Fashion and Us By: Jordan Johnson

Trends Come and Go Like Seasons; Seasonless Fashion and Us By: Jordan Johnson

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Happy October everyone! You know what that means; fall weather! 

As the seasons change, so do each of our wardrobes, but not so much our store’s collection. While our shop has daybreaks, sweaters, jumpers, and more to keep you cozy in the fall, our shop selection stays pretty consistent year round, with the exception of a few new items every now and then. 

This is because of a sustainable guideline we follow called seasonless fashion. In this week's blog, I will be talking about seasonless fashion, what it is, why we do it and how you can go seasonless too! 


what is seasonless fashion? It definitely does not mean there’s no flavor in our clothing, instead I’m talking about fashion seasons. 

To put it simply; our shop selection doesn’t change every month due to new trends nor do we follow a calendar change. We keep items that show popularity, and add new selections occasionally.

This helps us save money and materials while also helping us create less waste. 

Companies that follow a calendar change are usually fast fashion companies, or companies that do not follow eco- friendly/ sustainable guidelines.

Think about if you were to walk into our town mall every three months, and how just about every store would have different articles of clothing out every time you visited due to new trends and change in season.

This is something I was accustomed to growing up, because it became normal, however, now that I understand the environmental and ethical impact it has, I no longer see it that way.

Why are we seasonless? Well like I said above, we spend less money and create less waste, but we also do it for our workers. 

In order to keep up with trends, fast fashion companies have sweatshops where their workers work long hours with no breaks and in poor conditions so the company can get the newest trends out the fastest.

While following this, they are creating more products that have a time limit, meaning they have a higher chance of being thrown out once the trend is over and are not made with sustainable products. Some of the products made for the trend will not get sold either, and instead be tossed out. (even when you donate your clothes, some of them are burned or are sold overseas, killing their local markets!!!!) 

Nothing about season- following fashion is sustainable.

Think about how many times you’ve purchased items from a fast fashion company and got rid of the clothing soon after. I know when I used to buy fast fashion, I would buy new clothes every year just because I thought that was the only way to fit with trends, but that’s not always true!

 How do you become ‘seasonless’ in your fashion? 

Rule number one is buy what you need! Ever since the 90s, compulsive buying has become a form of entertainment for most, but this can be so damaging to your pockets and to the environment. Focusing on not impulse buying in clothes will soon help you do the same in other areas of shopping.

Rule number two is shop smart! Think about how you can achieve the look you are wanting by using alternatives of fast fashion, meaning; look for clothing on resale stores like etsy or depop, thrift stores, vintage stores, or stores like us that follow ethical and eco- friendly guidelines! By doing this you are buying products that have much longer life spans and pieces that you won’t be so quick to toss.

Rule number three is to follow your own desires. It’s easy to get so caught up in following trends that you lose sight in what YOU actually want. Make sure you’re shopping for you and following your guidelines, don’t just dress to impress others, fit your style.

Starting your journey in seasonless fashion is a huge step in a sustainable lifestyle, that’s why we take it so seriously. We love to be transparent with our supporters and customers, so creating blogs describing how we are sustainable and eco- friendly is important to me. Please let us know what you think about seasonless fashion and this blog on our Instagram @peopleofleisure or my personal Instagram @jordandelaneyjohnson! If you want to see us cover any topics in future blogs, send us a DM!

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