The 60’s: how the Summer of Love lives on in us.

The 60’s: how the Summer of Love lives on in us.

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As we approach the Summer Season, we decided to highlight two bands who had their heyday under the Summer Sun of 1967.

1. Grateful Dead

In 1967 the Grateful Dead was soaking up the sun in San Francisco jamming to crowds of young people in parks, who found new and inventive ways to expand their minds and find themselves. Truly the progenitor to the modern day music festival, they would play for hours upon hours while the masses danced and connected. 

Not only were they pioneers in the sense of creating a connective audience experience, but they championed the ideals of sustainability and peace, asking people to “imagine a peaceful world” at the height of the Vietnam war. 

By repping Grateful Dead threads, you're making a statement that's stood the test of time. Nothing says hippie getaway like the Dead, and what’s more, you can be grateful about the way we make our products, ensuring that every item we make is as sustainable, exploitation free, and peaceful as they come. So go on, you can do some guilt-free frolicking in it at your next festival. 

- Mesa, Staff Writer

2. Rolling Stones- 

At the forefront of the British invasion and the heart of the anti-war movement, addressing the issues of poverty and championing compassion, the Rolling Stones stands as a symbol of conscientious nonconformity to this day.

Imbued with all of the restlessness that comes with the era, our Rolling Stones items remind you that you can do just that, when all else is chaos around you (but don't gather any moss). Roll a little bit, you’ll be glad you did.

As for us, you can be sure that we're following the path that was laid out during the 60's by creating pieces that are made sustainably without exploitation of workers or using environmentally unfriendly agents. Think: organic fabrics, low impact (tye) dyes, and small batch products. You can read more about what we're doing here.

-Mesa, Staff Writer