Creative Stylings: A Q+A with LMP Collections' Lisa Prang

Creative Stylings: A Q+A with LMP Collections' Lisa Prang

Have you ever had a style crush? Someone who perfectly blends old trends with new pieces and somehow manages to stay totally unique? Well, Lisa Prang of LMP Collections is that person for us. Check her out on the blog!

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Have you ever had a style crush? Someone who perfectly blends old trends with new pieces and somehow manages to stay totally unique? Well, Lisa Prang of LMP Collections is that person for us. The Minnesota-based blogger effortlessly channels classic 70’s style, while seamlessly incorporating today’s pieces and we can’t get enough.

In today’s edition of our Influencer Series, Lisa tells us about her career as a graphic designer, who her style icons are, and what her favorite POL pieces are. So grab a cup of coffee and your favorite cozy cardigan and get ready to be inspired.

1) What is your favorite weekend activity?

Other than heading to photoshoots and hanging out with friends and family, I really enjoy hanging out with my boyfriend Tyler adventuring to new cities, trying new places to eat, and of course, doing a little shopping! I also really enjoy running! I'm training for a Marathon right now actually!

2) How would you describe your style?

Honestly, I feel like my style changes really frequently. I'm a huge fan of layering as well as mixing prints, patterns, and textures. I love mixing trends both old and new, to create versatile looks that are not only comfortable but have an editorial flare!

3) What are some of your favorite trends/silhouettes/pieces?

Currently I'm a huge fan of the beret styled hat! It just adds a Parisian vibe that I'm totally obsessed with! I also currently have been really into oversized coats and pants. Not only because it's so chilly here in Michigan in the winters but I just love the effortless shape!

4) Who are your icons?

As for celebrities, there are so many however, I've always been a huge fan of Gwen Stefani. She can pull off anything from punk edge to neutral and feminine. Her versatility is what amazes me! And anyone else obsessed with This is Us? Mandy Moore's style "back in the day" is AMAZE! As for bloggers, I've recently been loving Tessa of By Tezza and Cait of How Do You Wear That. They both can style a every day casual look and elevate it to something so much more!

5) Do you feel that your career as a graphic designer informs your fashion choices? If so, how?

I'd say being a creative person in general I'm always inspired by anything that catches my eye.

Sometimes when I'm designing I come up with fun color palettes that totally inspire a look!

6) What advice would you offer aspiring fashion bloggers?

Enjoy the ride! patience is my #1 tip of advice! When I started my blog, It was wholeheartedly because I had a passion for styling clothes. Honestly, when I first started I had no idea my passion would turn into a part time job! I absolutely love every second of what I do. I've gotten a lot of questions from new bloggers about when they can expect to be paid or receive "free" clothes. My tip always is patience. It comes with not only time, but also hard work! If you truly love what you do, I have no doubt in my mind you will succeed!

7) How do you envision the importance of fashion in today's world? What role does intentional/curated/socially conscious shopping play in your life?

Fashion has always for as long as I can remember been important to me. 100% not in a conceded or materialistic way either. I feel like sometimes it can be taken the wrong way when bloggers are showing off their clothes and what not, but to me, it's so much more. Fashion has brought me not only confidence, but life long friendships, experiences I've never thought possible, and most importantly, the ability to express my creative freedom and ideas. I  feel that is important in todays world. With everything bad going on in the world, fashion can brings a certain joy! I've also been loving how brands are highlighting all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities, something so important in todays world too! I could go on and on! haha

8) When you're shopping for new pieces, what kinds of features do you look for? How do you decide on a piece that you're not sure about?

Typically when I shop for new pieces I look at quality, fabric, and uniqueness. It always pains me when I've splurged on an item and the quality is so poor that I only get a few wears. I love embroidery and embellishments and it's the worst if it unravels right away or embellishments fall off! That's the worst! As for fabric, I have sensitive skin, so I always feel to make sure the fabric is soft and non-irritating. And most importantly, my eye is always drawn to pieces that are fun and unique! Whether it's the wash, pattern, or distressing, I'm always looking for exciting more editorial pieces or layering items! Lastly, I typically decide on a piece if I know I can think of at least three different ways to style it!  

9) What are some of your favorite People of Leisure pieces?

I'm a huge fan of Graphic Tees and POL always does a great job of making my graphic tee dreams come true! I love mixing graphic tees with just about anything. You can find me styling them more bohemian with a maxi skirt or even with an oversized blazer!

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