Our Cotton is spun in both India and the USA. We work only with organic certified producers.
The cotton fibers that are spun into yarn in India are then shipped by boat to Los Angeles where the rest of the process takes places.

Once the cotton yarns hit Los Angeles are transported to our fabric knitter.
In this process the yarns are knitted into a fabric, a beatifull roll of raw cotton that will go to the Cut & Sew facility.

At the cut & sew is where the garments are cut and sew before going to be dyed.

Our Los Angeles Dye house only uses low impact certified dyes, in here garments get dye and ready to get back to the cut & sew.

At this step back at the cut & sew is where we saw labels and give finish touches to garments before the final quality check.

The final garment is sent to our distribution warehouse where it awaits to be ordered by our customers.