Mushroom Leather The New Vegan Leather

Is Mushroom Leather The New Vegan Leather?

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Somehow the term “Vegan Leather” has been embraced by the eco-friendly community as a better replacement for leather. But as most of us know Vegan Leather is simply a better way to say: plastic. Most leather comes from cows raised in the meat and dairy industry, and it’s questionable whether using leather which is largely a byproduct of the gross meat industry is better than the detrimental plastic industry also destroying planet earth. Vegan leather is sometimes made with other materials like cork and recyclables but lately I’ve noticed the mushroom trend is in full swing. More than the cute prints and colorful imagery of psychedelics, could mushroom leather be the new go-to replacement?

"Fine Mycelium is our patented way of growing the mycelium into this really dense, strong structure. It's also really versatile. We can tune the properties as it grows to create different types of Reishis that have functionality even beyond that of leather today," said Matt Scullin, CEO of MycoWorks.

"This is a material that's ready to serve industry at large. This isn't just a niche material," said MycoWorks co-founder Sophia Wang.

Within the next year I think we will start to see mushroom leather shoes, purses and even furniture. The eco-community has been on a leather replacement hunt forever as we've seen algee and banana peels being thrown in the mix. But I have a gut feeling we're onto something now. We’re seeing it pop up with designers like Stella Mcartney and even Adidas. I’m personally very excited about this trend because I think mushrooms are weird and fascinating. From their psychedelic, poisonous and edible properties, I think the future will be shroomin’ 🍄