People of Leisure's Zero Sweat Policy

People of Leisure's Zero Sweat Policy

People of Leisure was built on the foundation of something called a Zero Sweat Policy.

A Foundation Built on Ethics

People of Leisure was built on the foundation of something called a Zero Sweat Policy. This model means they consider their factory operators heroes. Their number one goal before all else, is to protect them. They do this by having fair wages, a safe working environment, and flexible hours for families. This ethical manufacturing process then turns into a slow fashion approach.

They also hire their workers locally in Los Angeles and make the pieces locally as well. This allows for a more transparent, hands-on process for maintaining factory standards. To learn more about People of Leisure's Zero Sweat Policy, we sat down with People of Leisure’s founder, Bobby Banafsheian to dive deeper into the process.

How do you define People of Leisure's Zero Sweat Policy?

Our Zero Sweat Policy creates an environment that honors our garment workers through livable wages, as well as responsible production and practices. In short, we treat our employees like family.

It’s how I was raised and how I’ll raise my own children. When we’re all working towards a common goal, the difference between boss and worker is just the title.

Can you explain how the People of Leisure Zero Sweat Model protects workers day-to-day?

On a practical level, competitive wages, benefits, breaks, and being flexible with people’s unique schedules. Such as raising families or other responsibilities.

We encourage everyone during work hours to put on their favorite music, share their favorite food, and socialize with each other. We rarely hire new people because when I hire someone they usually stay with the company for many years. I believe it’s because they feel respected and cared for. I believe the more I give to my people the more I get in return.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Don’t get discouraged as a consumer. You have more power than you think you do. Brands work for your loyalty and there’s power in your attention and where you spend your money. Yes it’s hard to shop with a minimal footprint, but there is always hope.

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